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Welcome to RcProReviews.com

I do RC product reviews for helicopters, quadcopters, receivers, transmitters, motors, electronic speed controllers, batteries, and aftermarket parts.
My reviews may include stock flight times, flight times and performance with different batteries/motors/pinions/esc’s, headspeed, thrust, aftermarket parts, upgrade parts, weights, specifications, pro’s and con’s.
All my reviews have pictures and most reviews also have videos.

I specialize in making transmitter setup guides which include the transmitter settings needed for setup of a helicopter or quadcopter (multirotor).
The Tx Setup Guides have different difficulty settings depending on which setup guide you choose. For helicopters there are standard settings, beginner settings, 3D settings.
For quadcopters there are standard settings, beginner settings, 3D mode settings.
Each setup guide includes everything needed for setup including model type, swash type, servo reverse, travel adjustment, gyro gain, throttle curves, throttle hold, subtrim, mix, pitch curves, pitch curve/throttle hold, switch assignments, dual rate and expo.


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