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RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


UPDATE: 5-15-11

XP-12A ESC Version 2

I just tested the XP-12A-2 ver 2 EBAY BL ESC. It does
increase head speed by 5%-8% as claimed plus it is lighter
than the L3 ESC.

I tested the new Turbo Ace 915 V2 (15,600 kv) Motor and the XP-12A-2 ver 2 and the L3 ESC.

I got 5,010 RPM with 16T and the XP-12A.
This was too high for me so I went to a 14T and got 4,620 RPM.

Tests were done with 500 mah 25C linear, 600 mah 22C linear, and 600 mah
20 C turbo ace battery.

There is no question that the new XP-12A-2 ver 2 with the new firmware is the best
ESC to use for the highest head speed! Plus it is 12 amps compared to the Walkera
L2/L3 ESC which is 10 amps.

XP-12A-2 ver 2

4,620 RPM


4,350 RPM

XP-12A-2 ver 2 – Weight: 5.9 Grams



XP-12A ESC Version 1

Bought this esc for my Walkera 4G6 with the wowhobbies HP08-2 w/20T motor. The weight of the esc was a heavy 8.6 grams!
I then stripped it down, switched wires, and got the weight down to 3.7 grams with wires. Nice and light! The stock Walkera 10 amp esc is 6 grams.
The XP-12A runs very strong.
Just had the XP-7A-2 EBAY BL ESC which worked well but it doesn’t provide full amperage to the motor.
I noticed a big difference switching from the XP-7A-2 EBAY BL to the XP-12A.

It has been posted here (by dkfuji) that with the XP-7A-2 there is
250 RPM less compared to the stock Walkera CB100 10 Amp ESC
which ran the motor 100%.

I thought I would do this post to let you know how light you can get the
esc and how well it seems to work.
Also wanted to post pictures of the esc for people to see the stock XP-12A
out of the package, heat shrink and wires removed, then lightened up
to 3.7 grams with shorter and lighter wires.

The XP-12A can be programmed on the 4G6 unlike the XP-7A-2
which has to be done on another heli like the CB100. Darryl (dkfuji ) helped
me on this issue.

The XP-12A has an onboard LED unlike the XP-7A-2 so you may
want to mount the board different than what I did so you can see the LED.

See Post #14 for headspeed measured with the XP-12A ESC.


The RX2610S has a 90% throttle limit so the XP-12A can’t
go into program mode.
You will not be able to program or set the throttle range
with the XP-12A with this RX. You will need to program the esc
on another helicopter like the CB100.
Also you won’t be able to program the XP-7A either
with the RX2610S.
BUT the factory defaults are fine so if you like them you are OK.

The XP-12A can be programmed with the stock 4G6 RX2609.


XP-12A stock out of the package is 8.6 grams.
XP-12A circuit board only is 2.9 grams
XP-12A with lighter and shorter wires is 3.7 grams

Stock Walkera 4G6 ESC (Black Heat Shrinked) : 4.4 grams

Stock XP-7A-2 esc: 5g with wires and 1.4g without wires




Input Voltage: 3V-13V (Support 1-3 Lithium Batteries)
Continue current: 12A
Burst current: 15A (Withing 10 Seconds)
BEC output: 1A/5V (Linear)
Dimensions: 22 x 17 x 7mm
Weight: 8g

Full protection feature including low-voltage protection, over-heat protection, signal lost protection,
safe power on protection, and self-check functions.

Built-in linear BEC or switch mode BEC.

Parameters of ESC can be configured via program card or transmitter.

Throttle range can be configured to be compatible with different receivers.

Factory settings:

Brake: default is Off

Timing: default is Mid (Mid Timing)

Start Mode: default is Fast

Cutoff Mode: default is Reduce Power (Reduce the output power gradually to 50% of the current power)

Throttle Curve: default is Curve 1 (Linear curve)

Li-xx Cells Number: default is Auto Detect

Cutoff threshold (Low Voltage Protection): default is Mid (2.85V)

Motor Rotation: default is Normal



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