Walkera V100D01 Helicopter Review


Walkera V100D01 Helicopter


RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


Transmitter Setup Guide

See my Transmitter Setup Guides for transmitter setup. The setup guides have all of the transmitter settings needed to make a model completely from scratch.
The Tx Setup Guides have different difficulty settings depending on which setup guide you choose. For Helicopters there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D Settings. For Quads there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D mode settings.
Each setup guide includes everything needed for setup including Model Type, Swash Type, Servo Reverse, Travel Adjustment, Gyro Gain, Throttle Curves, Throttle Hold, Pitch Curves, Pitch Curve/Throttle Hold, Subtrim, MIX, Switch Assignments, Dual Rate and Expo.
I added a bonus to every setup guide with a Dual Rate and EXPO settings guide I made for Helicopters and Quads.



My first impression of the V100D01 was it looked sharp and was well built. The tail fin and CNC tail box look super strong but also heavy.

I took out the heli and setup the WK-2801 Pro for it.


First Flight

When I lifted off the heli it went left just as the 4#3 does so you must give right stick to compensate for this.
I had no problem the first try as I have flown my 4#3B before.

It hovers nice and the tail holds well. Moving around was more like flying the 4#3 than the CB100.
The V100D01 floats around like the 4#3 does but the V100D01 is much more stable and more responsive than the 4#3 IMO.
The V100D01 is significantly easier to fly then the 4#3 IMO.

Also I noticed the heli is under powered with the stock motor but it’s not awful either.

Then I put on the 4#3B head assembly and tried it out. I noticed it was more floaty than the FBL.
Also the response was way less than the FBL. I could fly around OK with it though.
So I put the FBL back on and practiced some more.

If you fly the V100D01 outside you will need to turn the servo ext up as high as you can handle it.
With the factory setting when I came out of a turn in a circle I needed to correct the heli and didn’t have anywhere near enough servo travel and was unable to correct as needed.
I then landed and turned up the servo ext way up and this helped a lot. I noticed past about the 1 o-clock position the servo travel didn’t go up anymore. It maxed out about the 1 o-clock position.

On the RX pots try a test flight and see how it performs. You may need
to increase the ALIE, ELEV pots as I did. Mine blew out on CW turns only
with the factory settings. Once I adjusted them it flew great! It also got
rid of the excessive floaty type flight to it and made it ultra stable.
Try the servo ext pot where it is. The heli is nice and nimble.
If you fly aggressive and especially outside then you will need to turn
up the servo ext pot as high as you can handle it. Plus it will do
better in wind with a lot of servo travel.
My RX adjustments are RUDD is at the 1 o-clock position, ELEV and ALIE both are at the 3 o-clock position.
You can put them on max if you want like I did for it to be ultra stable. Once I got use to it I backed them off.

I took the V100D01 outside again and did some hard banked turns
and it handles them great!
Super smooth, no bobbing, didn’t shake or wobble either.
It handled everything I could throw at it and as aggressive as I could possibly get!
Also did left to right and right to left straight line flybys
and did quick 180 turns at it handles them well also.



I discovered you can set the throttle curves with the RX-2441V.
You have to go to 2801 mode and set the normal throttle curve
then go back to 2401 mode. Then turn off the radio and connect the
battery to the heli then turn on the radio and let it bind.
I have set the top curve as low as 60% just to try it.

So if you are using the 2810 pro tx you can adjust the throttle curve
to your preference specifically the last curve or two.
This would be good for new pilots who don’t want the throttle so sensitive
at first or want to limit the top end throttle like the 2403 does.

You can’t adjust throttle curves with the RX2610S or RX2610V first version.


Walkera tail boom replacement process





1. The V100D01 has a delayed throttle response (slow throttle react).

2. It has a slow/delayed throttle stop which is not good. When you
crash and cut the throttle, the rotor will continue to turn for a second or two.
It is like you still have throttle in the radio but you don’t.
You can hear the motor still has power during this brief time.
Also the tail motor speeds up for a second or so.

3. The Tail Fin and CNC tail box are heavy!



Spare Parts To Get:

You don’t need to get these all but these are the common
parts that could go in a hard crash.
The V100D01 is pretty tough in a crash. Landing gear, tail boom, main shaft, canopy, and tail blades seem to be the most common parts to go in a hard crash.
Links sometimes break also.
If you land real hard then the battery tray can break.
I have yet to bend a feathering shaft, break a link or main blade but have bent main shafts a number of times. Broke many tail blades and one battery tray.

1. Landing Gear

2. Tail Boom

3. Main & Tail Blades

4. Main Shaft

5. Main Gear

6. Battery Tray

7. Feathering Shaft

8. Linkage Rod Set

9. Canopy


V100D01 Information:

Helicopter weight without battery: 55.1 Grams

Helicopter weight with battery (600mAh 15C) : 70.6 Grams

Main ESC: WK-WST-10A-L


Main Brusless Motor: WK-WS-12-003 (13T pinion)

Tail Brusless Motor: WK-WS-10-002

Overall Length: 216 mm

Receiver: RX-2441V
Weight: 5.3 Grams

Flight Time: 10-12 Minutes

Main motor and esc weight: 14.9 Grams


V100D01 Blade

Weight = 2.0g each

Length = 98.7mm

Width = 23.8mm

Thickness = 0.8mm

Q Blade

Weight = 1.1g each

Length = 94.6mm

Width = 22.8mm

Thickness = 0.4mm



This is not a beginner’s helicopter. It is much harder to fly than the CB100 especially in turns.
Flight charasteristic is completely different than the CB100. You will need to learn how to fly a different style a bit to handle this helicopter.

The V100D01 has a floaty type movement/flight to it. Also the heli will go left on takeoff so you have to so you must
give right stick to compensate for this.

So if your looking for an improved 4#3B it looks like this helicopter is for you.
IMO it is much more stable and more responsive than the 4#3B. It is significantly easier to fly then the 4#3 for me.
If you can fly the 4#3 you should have no problem with this helicopter and will enjoy the quick response and stable 3 axis gyro.

It seems to be underpowered so a better motor would be good like the HP06-2 or the HP05-2.
If you go with the Red Turbo Ace motor you will need the 2.9G tail motor also so you don’t get tail kick.
The same goes for the 003 w/16T motor.


When I first got the helicopter I couldn’t make CW turns. The heli blew out on the turn. Also it bobbed up and down.
CCW turns were fine. So were figure eights. Just big CW circles couldn’t be completed.
So with the help of the guys on this forum it turned out that the ELEV and ALIE pots on the RX needed adjustment. Also a little more gain helped out.
It now flies well in CW turns. No more bobbing up and down either.
The heavy floaty type movement/flight is greatly reduced now but this is the charasteristic of the 4#3B.



Convert your CB100 to the V100D01:

1. Walkera V100D01 Main Rotor Blades – HM-V100D01-Z-01

2. Walkera V100D01 Blade Grips – HM-V100D01-Z-02

3. Walkera V100D01 Main Rotor Head & Button – HM-V100D01-Z-03

4. Walkera V100D01 Swashplate – HM-V100D01-Z-04

5. Walkera V100D01 Main Shaft – HM-V100D01-Z-05

6. Walkera V100D01 Feathering Shaft – HM-V100D01-Z-06

7. Walkera V100D01 Linkage Rod Set – HM-V100D01-Z-07

8. Walkera V100D01 Tail Blades – HM-V100D01-Z-08

9. Walkera V100D01 Canopy – HM-V100D01-Z-09

10. Walkera V100D01 Bearing Set – HM-V100D01-Z-10

11. Walkera V100D01 Screw Set – HM-V100D01-Z-11

12. Walkera V100D01 RX2441V Receiver – HM-V100D01-Z-12

13. Walkera V100D01 Main Frame – HM-43A-Z-19

14. Walkera V100D01 Servo Holder – HM-4#3A-Z-15

15. Walkera V100D01 Tail Brushless Motor Holder/Stand – HM-CB100-Z-22

16. Walkera Brushless Tail Speed Controller – WK-WST-10A-LTC

Total price is about $135.17







Walkera V100D01 Complete Helicopter Overview


Walkera V100D01 Tail In Close-ups


Walkera V100D01 Nose In Close-ups


Walkera V100D01 (Yellow CB100 Canopy On)


Walkera V100D01 (3)


Walkera V100D01 (1)





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