Walkera QR X400



RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


Transmitter Setup Guide

See my Transmitter Setup Guides for transmitter setup. The setup guides have all of the transmitter settings needed to make a model completely from scratch.
The Tx Setup Guides have different difficulty settings depending on which setup guide you choose. For Helicopters there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D Settings. For Quads there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D mode settings.
Each setup guide includes everything needed for setup including Model Type, Swash Type, Servo Reverse, Travel Adjustment, Gyro Gain, Throttle Curves, Throttle Hold, Pitch Curves, Pitch Curve/Throttle Hold, Subtrim, MIX, Switch Assignments, Dual Rate and Expo.
I added a bonus to every setup guide with a Dual Rate and EXPO settings guide I made for Helicopters and Quads.



I am now recommending not to buy the quad unless Walkera fixes the ESC shorting problem. See the Con’s section below for information.


First Impression:

Wow, this is huge!
I thought my Hoten X was big but this is much bigger and heavier.

The quad looks nice and feels like it is built well.
The landing gear seems to be strong and can flex. The canopy feels strong and so do the motor booms and blades.

I like the aluminum case. It looks nice and it is strong. It open and shuts well. It is packed well with thick foam. It will carry everything securely.
This is my first aluminum case that I have ever had. I usually transport my heli or quad in the box it came in or in a plastic tool box.




This is a quad with brushless motors and operates on a 11.1V 2,220 mAh Li-Po battery. The payload capacity is 300~400 Grams.

It has a 6-Axis gyro that can be changed in flight for normal flight mode and 3D flight mode using the FMOD switch or some other switches or knobs like the MIX switch or AUX knob.
It can do 3D rolls and flips when in 3D flight mode.
The quad has a two bright LED lights in the front and one bright dual color LED in the tail. When the LED is Red the quad is in normal flight mode. When the LED is Blue the quad is in 3D flight mode for rolls and flips.

The two orange props and orange motor booms are big and bright. You can see them from a good distance away which helps you with orientation.



First Flight:

The first flight went well. I lifted off and hovered it around for a bit to see how it handles and how stable it is. It was very stable and the response was good.
The power and clim out is decent for a quad this big and heavy.
The quad was not as loud as I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be much louder than my Hoten X.

The second flight I used my Devo 10 in helicopter mode and flew it in normal mode and 3D mode.

It was 30*, 18 MPH wind, and snowing when I made the outdoor videos. The quad had no problems with the cold weather or wind.




  • 6-Axis gyro
  • Brushless motors
  • Very stable and responsive
  • Camera option which the camera mount can tilt and rotate by remote using the transmitter
  • Firmware can be updated



  • Brushless Speed Controller went up in smoke two times.

See my post here:





Flight Time: – Stock Battery – Camera on. LED Lights on.

mAh put back into the battery: 2,303

Charge time at 2.2 amps: 099:47 minutes.


  • 2 Minutes: 11.9V
  • 3 Minutes: 11.6V
  • 4 Minutes: 11.5V
  • 5 Minutes: 11.3V
  • 6 Minutes: 11.2V
  • 7 Minutes: 11.1V
  • 8 Minutes: 11.0V
  • 8 1/2 Minutes: 10.8.V – Power ran too low and had to land quick


Weight: – Includes Camera, Camera Mount, and LED Light Kit

  • Quad: 878.8g
  • Battery: 180.7g
  • Quad w/battery: 1059.5g




LED Light Kit:

The lights look awesome! They are very bright. The lights also light up the landing skids due to they are clear plastic and are so close to the lights.

The lights help you see the quad from a far distance and help you with the orientation.
The lights are easy to install. There is a wire coming off the Rx to power the LED’s. Plug in the LED strips and attach them where you want.

There is an optional light flashing board to flash the lights. I have one on the way and will make a night video with it.



What is in the box:

BNF Package in Aluminum Case


Li-po battery (11.1V 2200mAh)


7.4V 800mah battery for DEVO F4/F7

5.8G Emitter



Memory card

DEVO F7 (BNF 500$ package excluded)




Main Rotor Diameter:254mm

Overall Length:270 mm

Overall width:270 mm

Weight: 786g (Battery not included)

Battery: 11.1V 2600mAh Li-Po


Receiver: RX 2642-D

Brushless Motor: WK-WS-28-009A



Review of the camera/camera mount and FPV videos:








Walkera QR X400 FPV – Complete Overview


Walkera QR X400 – Outdoor Flight (1)


Walkera QR X400 – Outdoor Flight (2)


Walkera QR X400 – Night Flight w/LED Lights (1)


Walkera QR X400 – Night Flight w/LED Lights (2)


Walkera QR X400 – Night Flight w/LED Lights (3)





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  • justwannaflyy55

    tom … two quick questions about MX-400 i have it with the deluxe skids , do you think they are too heavy for it , as per wow hobbies states . have not really flown it good yet … other question might be why , upon taking unit apart i found that the motor wires correspond with red to red blue to green and black to black …. well i found one of the four motor set up to be wired wrong what do you think that would cause … sincerely jim bonito …. I have been reading and watching all your entries for month now … thans in advance tom

    • Jim, I saw the wowhobbies statement about the deluxe skids being too heavy. The quad will lift about half it’s weight. I wouldn’t worry about the heavier skids unless your mounting a full size camera on it and looking to reduce weight.
      It doesn’t matter how you connect the motor wires color wise.
      If the motor is running backwards then reverse any of the two wires.

  • justwannaflyy55

    Tom Thank you for that .. I would just like to ask you what do you think would happen to 400 if by chance 3 of 4 props where either ccw or cw . When I tried spooling her up she tip many times before I was able to get her off the ground and even then she flew around to my right in a circular motion and ended up behind me … I am not the greatest of pilot yet but I feel I should of been able to hover better . I,m gonna check the book on each motor and check the rotation of each blade and see what I come up with … I just wanna know do you think it would even fly … No Rush to answer … Thank You Tom

    • Your welcome Jim. If any of your props are not installed correctly it will tip on you as you take off and can also fly in a circular motion. I had this happen to me on another quad as I didn’t know that the blades are directional.
      If you have the UFO MX400S with the two blade props there are numbers on the bottom of the blades, “A” and “B”. The PDF owners manual on page #7 shows how to install the blades using the numbers. If you have the UFO MX400 with three blade props the same should apply with that owners manual. Let me know if you need more help.

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