Walkera QR X400 FPV w/DV04 HD Camera Quadcopter Review


Walkera QR X400 Quadcopter



RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


Transmitter Setup Guide

See my Transmitter Setup Guides for transmitter setup. The setup guides have all of the transmitter settings needed to make a model completely from scratch.
The Tx Setup Guides have different difficulty settings depending on which setup guide you choose. For Helicopters there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D Settings. For Quads there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D mode settings.
Each setup guide includes everything needed for setup including Model Type, Swash Type, Servo Reverse, Travel Adjustment, Gyro Gain, Throttle Curves, Throttle Hold, Pitch Curves, Pitch Curve/Throttle Hold, Subtrim, MIX, Switch Assignments, Dual Rate and Expo.
I added a bonus to every setup guide with a Dual Rate and EXPO settings guide I made for Helicopters and Quads.



I am now recommending not to buy the quad unless Walkera fixes the ESC shorting problem.

See my post here:




Uses a Micro SD Card to record video.

The camera takes good videos but there is video pausing and freezing even when using
a Class 10 Micro SD Card.

There is a manual recording red press switch on the unit with a blue flashing light indicator.
Press the button will start or save the video data.
Solid light indicator means the camera is working properly. Flashing indicator means the camera is recording.
There is also a built in microphone.


The camera can be turned on and off using the Gear Switch on the transmitter. I have used this method and also I have just turned it on and off with the red press switch on the camera.

How to use the Gear Switch to record with the camera:

Pull the Gear Switch to position “1” and keep it there for 1-2 seconds then pull back to position “0”. After this process the camera will start recording. Pull the Gear Switch again to stop recording.


The camera mount has two servos inside it so you can tilt and rotate the camera by remote using the transmitter.
I had many videos I had to do over again on the Hoten X FPV due too I had the camera too high or low.
Now all I have to do is adjust the camera with the remote. This is a great feature to have!


I took a video flying over a creek. This is the .AVI video file straight from the SD Card. File size is 324 MB.
I have found out taking many videos with the Hoten X FPV that trees cause the camera to pause/freeze.

I have a 8 GB Class 10 Micro SD Card. This is the fastest card I could find for HD video for fast write and read times.
File size is huge! My 3:48 minute video is 784 MB.

I added some of the Hoten X FPV videos I took with the same QR X400 camera.


Camera Specs:

Pixel: 200 Mega Pixel

Defintion: 420TVL

Resolution: 1280*720

System: PAL/NTSC

White Balance: Auto

Working Voltage: 5V~8V

Length: 44mm

Width: 36mm

Height: 10mm

Weight: 14G








Walkera QR X400 FPV – Flying Over a Creek


Walkera Hoten X Brushed W/Devo F7 Camera Kit


Walkera Devo F7 FPV & Hoten X


Walkera Devo F7 FPV & Hoten X (2)





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