Walkera Master CP Helicopter Review


Walkera Master CP Helicopter



RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


Transmitter Setup Guide

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I added a bonus to every setup guide with a Dual Rate and EXPO settings guide I made for Helicopters and Quads.



Walkera Master CP – 200 size FBL helicopter – 6 Axis Gyro



This is a 200 size FBL helicopter with a 6 axis gyro. It uses two brush motors.
It is a 3D helicopter for beginners. It is extremely stable and said to be ultra durable and easy to maintenance.
It has plastic blades with a CF rod inside to reinforce the blade.
This is a bigger size helicopter than the micros (about twice the size) and has a big motor
and blades that are sharp. You don’t want to get cut by them so be careful.


First Impressions:

The helicopter looks sharp. It feels well built.
The canopy is mounted securely and is easy to remove.
The main motor is the biggest brush motor I have ever seen. It is the motor from the 400 size helicopter so it should have good power on this hel.
The tail motor is large also. It has a cover on it that slides off and the motor has connectors on it for fast replacement.
The wiring is done very neatly.


First Flight:

I setup the TX with my own settings and checked out the heli.
The swash was at zero degrees pitch mid stick and had equal travel for positive and negative pitch. Also the blades were balanced and tracked well.
I throttled up and took off slowly as I haven’t flown a heli this big in a long time and also don’t know how the heli will handle.
It is ultra stable! It was like flying my Mini CP but even more stable with the 6 axis gyro and the large and heavy size of it.
The second flight I was able to fly around pretty well about as good as I can with my Mini CP or mCPX.

The Master CP has a sound like a T-Rex 250. I thought I was flying a T-Rex by the sound of it.



  • Ultra stable, responsive, and smooth flying
  • RX Firmware can be updated
  • Good flight time (About 5-6 minutes scale flying)
  • Built well and easy to work on. The wiring is done very neatly.
  • Metal gear servo upgrade now available


  • Stock plastic gear servos are stripping very easy. They are even stripping if you just move them by hand.
  • Telemetry feature won’t work unless you update the firmware.
    You will need to buy adapters to do this and download firmware from Walker’s web site.
  •  There is a throttle hold shut off delay. “When you hit throttle hold there is a 1-2 second delay when you engage the Throttle Hold. “When you hit the throttle hold switch the helicopter keeps on spinning at speed for almost 2 seconds.  This is causing severe damage on impact as the helicopter is still going at speed”.
  • Many Master CPs will not accept Fixed ID binding at all where ELV servo is plugged in not using the stock factory servo.



Head Speed: – Stock brush motor

  • 4,140 RPM at mid stick 100% throttle with the stock battery.


Thrust: – Stock brush motor

I couldn’t measure this as the heli was too heavy for my scale.
Without the battery I could have measured the thrust though.
WIll have to get a higher capacity scale for these bigger helicopters.


Flight Time: – Stock battery charged four times. Walkera says 7-9 minutes flight time. I think I could get one more minute or more of flight time as I only put back in 616 mah
into the battery which I could have went down to 800 mah using the full capacity (1,000 mah) minus 20 % rule.

  • 2 Minutes: 11.5V (3.85V per Cell)
  • 3 Minutes: 11.3V (3.79V per Cell)
  • 4 Minutes: 11.2V (3.73V per Cell)
  • 5 Minutes: 11.1V (3.70V per Cell)
  • 616 mah put back into the battery at 1C (1,000 mah) charge rate. 44:13 minutes to charge.



I have found out that using the telemetry eats up the battery time.
I went from 5 full minutes of flight time on my Master CP with telemetry
inhibited in the TX to 1:25 minutes flight time with the telemetry enabled.

I found the same thing with my Mini CP, 1:25 minutes flight time with the telemetry enabled
and 3 minutes flight time with the telemetry inhibited.
My friends Mini CP had the same results as I did with telemetry inhibited and enabled.




1).Main Rotor Diameter: 462mm
2).Tail Rotor Diameter: 113 mm
3).Overall Length: 440mm
4).All-up Weight: 420g (Battery included)
5).Battery: 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po
6).Moril Motor: 380PF
7).Tail Motor: 1627PF
8).GYRO: 6-axis
9).Receiver: RX-2637H-D
10).Servo: WK-7.6-6
11).Transmitter(standard) – DEVO-7E
12) .Transmitter(Optional) – DEVO-6/7e/8s/10/12s


Final Thoughts:

I had a fun time flying this helicopter and was surprised how ultra stable and smooth flying it was.
It looks sharp and seems to be built well. It has decent power.
When I get more use to it I will make some videos flipping and inverting it.
Also I don’t have any spare parts and there is the servo stripping issue.

Bob at HeliRCStore sent me the Master CP to review at my request.

Thanks Bob for sending me the helicopter!





I will be adding information here on the servos from what people post in this thread.
This way it will be easy to find and won’t get buried in pages of posts.

Update 9/28/12
Update 10/4/12
Update 10/11/12
Update 10/12/12



Upgrades: Brushless Motors, Metal Servo Gears, Blades, and more







Walkera Master CP – Complete Overview 1


Walkera Master CP – Complete Overview 2


Walkera Master CP- Close-ups


Walkera Master CP – First Day Flight


Walkera Master CP – Third Day Flight


Walkera Master CP – First flight in a field





Buildem336 (Manuel) flying the Master CP 100% stock out of the box.


Walkera Master cp 3d flight





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