Walkera Hoten X – Brushless Version Quadcopter Review


Walkera Hoten X Quadcopter


RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


Transmitter Setup Guide

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The Tx Setup Guides have different difficulty settings depending on which setup guide you choose. For Helicopters there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D Settings. For Quads there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D mode settings.
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Walkera HM Hoten X Quadcopter – 200 size brushless quad – 4 Channel


First Impression:

WOW! This is huge! I can’t wait to fly it.


First Flight:

I charged up the battery and took it outside for my first flight.
I was expecting it to be very loud but it wasn’t.
It has a low pitch sound to it.

I lifted off and hovered it around for a bit to see how it handles and how stable it is.
It is very stable! Even more stable than my Ladybird QR.
This is my second quad. I was able to fly it pretty easy the first battery pack. Just need to get use to the big size and power of it.



I have found out that using the telemetry eats up the battery time.
I went from 5 full minutes of flight time on my Master CP with telemetry
inhibited in the TX to 1:25 minutes flight time with the telemetry enabled.
I found the same thing with my Mini CP, 1:25 minutes flight time with the telemetry enabled
and 3 minutes flight time with the telemetry inhibited.
My friends Mini CP had the same results as I did with telemetry inhibited and enabled.



Devo 10

I set the Sensor Setting – Voltage – External: V1- Alarm Voltage to 3.5V. This give me 3.72V per cell no load which is pretty good.



The Quad feels like it is built well.
The landing gear is wide and sturdy. It has 4 rubber tips on the ends of the landing gear.
Motor booms feel strong and the motors feel like they are mounted securely.
Canopy feels strong.
Battery tray holds the battery in very well.
It has 4 bright LED lights. Two in the front and two in the back.
The front two are white and the back two are Red in 6 axis mode and Blue in 3 axis mode.
The lights help you see the quad from a distance and help you with the orientation. Also the lights look good at night.
The two orange props are big and bright. You can see them from a good distance away which helps you with orientation.
Battery life is good. About 10 minutes which is very good for something this big using 4 BL motors.

It has a telemetry feature so you can monitor your Quads battery voltage but you must upgrade the firmware to use this feature.

The first thing I was concerned about with a Quad this big was safety. Being cut with such a big prop powered by a BL motor.




  • 3 axis mode and and 6 axis mode
  • 4 bright LEDS – Two in the front and two in the back
  • Brushless motors
  • Long flight time (10+ minutes)
  • Firmware can be updated
  • Ultra stable, responsive, and smooth flying
  • The Quad can be seen from a good distance away due to the size of it, the bright two orange props, and the 4 bright LED’s.


  • Doesn’t use a standard battery plug. It uses a HXT 2mm connector. See picture below.
  • Telemetry feature won’t work unless you update the firmware. You will need to buy adapters to do this and download firmware from Walker’s web site.


Flight Time:– Stock Battery

  • 2 Minutes: 8.1V
  • 3 Minutes: 8.0V
  • 4 Minutes: 7.8V
  • 5 Minutes: 7.7V
  • 6 Minutes: 7.6V
  • 7 Minutes: 7.5V
  • 8 Minutes: 7.5V
  • 9 Minutes: 7.4V
  • 10 Minutes: 7.4V


What is in the box:

ARF Package

  • Hoten-X Quadcopter
  • 7.4V, 1000mah, 25C, 2S Lipo Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Spare blades (4 of them total)
  • Two battery cable adapters
  • Plastic RX post adjustment tool
  • User Manual on a CD
  • Bind plug
  • Allen key



Quad: 268.5 grams.

Quad with battery: 332.3 grams

Battery: 63.8 grams



1). Main Rotor Diameter:186mm
2). Transmitter(standard): DEVO 7
3). Gyro:6 Axis Gyro
4). Overall Lenghth:266mm
5). Transmitter(Option): DEVO 10/8S/7E
6). Brushless Motor:WK-WS-26-004
7). Fuselage width:266mm
8). Receiver:RX2635H-D
9). Battery:7.4V 1000mAh Li-Po

1). Product type: Quad-copter in 200 size
2). Recommend Environment: Outdoor
3). Experience Level: Intermediate
4). Latest 6-Axis Gyro Control system provides super stable flight
5). Brushless motor system ensures more powerful and fantastic flips and rolls flight
6). The RX firmware can Update Online (required UP02 upgrade cable and adapter )
7). Telemetry Function(require to update the firmware and a telemetry function radio is a must)
8). The simple and compact modularized design, easy to install and maintain


Final thoughts:

Walkera did a good job with this Quad. It looks and feels like it is made well. Flight time is very good.
Power seems good for a Quad of this size and weight.
This will be great with a camera on it. I am looking into getting one for this and will add information and videos to this review.







Walkera Hoten – X *Complete Overview*


Walkera Hoten – X *Close-ups*


Walkera Hoten – X *First Day Flight*


Walkera Hoten – X *Night Flight*





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