Walkera Devo F7 FPV & Hoten X – Brushed Version Quadcopter Review


Walkera Hoten X Quadcopter



RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


Transmitter Setup Guide

See my Transmitter Setup Guides for transmitter setup. The setup guides have all of the transmitter settings needed to make a model completely from scratch.
The Tx Setup Guides have different difficulty settings depending on which setup guide you choose. For Helicopters there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D Settings. For Quads there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D mode settings.
Each setup guide includes everything needed for setup including Model Type, Swash Type, Servo Reverse, Travel Adjustment, Gyro Gain, Throttle Curves, Throttle Hold, Pitch Curves, Pitch Curve/Throttle Hold, Subtrim, MIX, Switch Assignments, Dual Rate and Expo.
I added a bonus to every setup guide with a Dual Rate and EXPO settings guide I made for Helicopters and Quads.



This is the new Walkera Devo F7 FPV transmitter. It has an 3.5″ LCD display and 5.8GHz FPV real time image monitor.
The main menus are the same as the Devo 10 which are Function Menu, Model Menu, System Menu. The sub menus are also the same except the F7 has a few more settings like Video. There are no graphical curves for pitch, throttle, DR or Expo on the F7.
I made a video of all the menus in the F7.
So this means you will be able to program the F7 as easy as you can program the Devo 10. This also means I don’t have to make special Tx setup guides for the F7 as you can use my current setup guides for the Devo Tx.

The F7 can also be used with any walkera helicopter/quadcopters with a Devo RX.

The video on the F7 screen is nice and clear. The screen is hard to see even using the little shade box in direct sunlight which the sun was out with no clouds when I tested the F7 out with the Hoten X.

I bought a 8 GB Class 10 Micro SD Card.
File size is huge! My 3:48 minute video is 784 MB.



Hoten X:

I was sent a prototype Hoten X Brushed version. It is using 4 Mini CP brush motors and are geared down.
The power and climb out is decent like the brushless version. This is a quad built for video and not performance.

The brush version flew as good as my brushless version did.
I was told the brush version is to offer the Hoten X at a lower price. There will be two versions of the Hoten X.
One brush motors and one brushless motors.

To film video just bind and press the red button on the camera. This turn on the record on the camera.
You will see a red record icon on the F7.
I also just found this out. The camera does turn on and off with the gear switch.
When the gear switch is turned on the red recording light flashes on the Devo F7 and there is a timer in red for the recording time.

When you insert the Micro SD Card it will make a folder for the videos which are .AVI format.


Flight Time: – Stock Battery – Hoten X Brush Motors – Camera was on the entire time.

  • 2 Minutes: 7.8V
  • 3 Minutes: 7.7V
  • 4 Minutes: 7.6V
  • 5 Minutes: 7.4V
  • 6 Minutes: 7.3V
  • 6 1/2 Minutes: 7.1V – Power ran too low and had to land quick




  • Hoten X Brush : 300.1 grams
  • Hoten X Brush with battery: 362.8 grams


Camera Range:

I took a 100 foot measuring tape with me to the field to get an accurate distance.
I put the quad on my SUV hood and walked as far as I could until I lost the signal at 362 feet range.
At this range I could turn 360* and still have video.
This test was without the motors running.

I then went home and put the Hoten X on my hood and walked down my street.
I got 325 feet (measured with my measuring tape) and could turn 360* and still have video.
This was with the motors running at half throttle.




  • Takes HD video.
  • The F7 can also be used with any walkera helicopter/quadcopters with a Devo RX.
  • The menus are the same as the Devo 10.
  • Tx uses a Li-po battery (7.4v 800mAh 15C).
  • Everything is assembled. Just bind, press the red button on the camera to turn on record and then fly.



  • Video is going to be hard to see in direct sunlight. At least it was for me. If I moved around so the sun wasn’t directly on the LCD display it was better.
  • The LCD display is small so it is hard to see the video when you are holding the Tx about waist level.
  • Half the flight time compared to the brushless version.
  • There are no graphical curves for pitch, throttle, DR, or Expo.
  • Video pausing and freezing even when using a Class 10 Micro SD Card.





Package Inlcudes:

Walkera DEVO F7

Receiver (DEVO-RX701)

Transmitter (TX5801)

Camera (DV04)

FP Convertor

Li-po battery (7.4v 800mAh 15C)

Camera mount

Card reader (HM-LM180D01-Z-19)

Memory Card (4G)

This is a 7ch radio can be compatible with others airplane , you can watch the scenery just like on the little plane .

The control radio is 1~2 Kilometer and the image distance is around 200 meters.

You can use this radio with others walkera helicopter/quadcopters with 3D capability.

Online update and English manual bring the great control feeling !!!



1). Encoder: 7-channel micro computer system
2). Frequency: 2.4GHz DSSS
3). Output power:<=100mW
4). Current drain: <=230mA(100mW)
5). Transmitter power supply:5#Battery 8X 1.5V or
NiMH 8X 1.2V 1600-2000mAh
6). Output pulse: 1000—2000Ms(1500 Neutral)
7). Image receiving:5.8G
8). Channel selection: 8 channel



1). The DEVO F7 adopts 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology and features automatic ID binding and ID assignment.
It can also be customizedly set as fixed ID code.
2). 5.8G real time image transmittion.
3). USB online update makes you always enjoy the latest programme.
4). Adjustability of hi-frequency output power enjoys more personality and friendly environment.
5). Wireless data transmission between two DEVO-8 helps experience the training function.
6). Up to 15-model data can be saved.
7). DEVO F7 adjusting the gyro sensitivity makes hovering flight and fancy flight in an easy way.
8). Ultra big size TFT touch screen with graphic interface features direct and convenient setting.
9). Shape design accords with human engineering and provides comfortable holding.
10).Both the length and tension of the sticks can be adjustable.
11).DEVO F7 can be freely switched among Modes 1, 2,and 3.
12).DEVO F7 is suitable for Helicopter,and Airairplane. In the Helicopter mode, there are four flight modes, each of which can be freely set
and its parameters can be personalizedly adjusted to meet the requirement for F3C or 3D aerobatic flight.






Devo F7 Transmitter & Hoten X Brushed Version


Walkera Hoten X – Brushed Version


Walkera Devo F7 Transmitter Menus


Walkera Hoten X Brushed W/Devo F7 Camera Kit


Walkera Devo F7 FPV & Hoten X


Walkera Devo FPV F7 & Hoten X Brushed


Walkera Devo F7 FPV & Hoten X (2)


Walkera Devo F7 FPV & Hoten X (3)





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