Walkera Devo 7 Transmitter Review


Walkera Devo 7 Transmitter




RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


This is a 7 channel transmitter that can store 15 models.
It has Telemetry features which include voltage, temperature, rpm and GPS.Firmware can be upgraded with an adapter and firmware on Walker’s web site.
You can load model settings for different models from Walkera. You can also export model settings.
The Devo 7 takes 8 “AA” batteries which makes the transmitter heavy.

The menus are hard to work through as they are not user friendly at all. This makes it hard for a beginner to program.
There are no graphical curves for Pitch, Throttle, DR or Expo.





Walkera Devo 7 TX – Menu Navigation


How to Update Devo 7 TX Firmware


How to Import & Export Devo 7 TX Models





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