Walkera Devo 10 Transmitter Review


Walkera Devo 10 Transmitter



RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


The Devo 10 is really nice. It feels good in my hands and the joysticks feel smooth.
It has 10 channels and 30 model memory.
I am using a 3S Lipo in mine so it is lighter which is great as it takes 8 AA batteries which make it heavy.
The LCD screen resolution is high and it contains graphs like the WK2801-PRO. LCD screen can be viewed in daylight.
It has Telemetry features which include voltage, temperature, rpm and GPS. Firmware can be upgraded with an adapter and firmware on Walker’s web site.
You can load model settings for different models from Walkera. You can also export model settings.
It has a vibration alarm which is a great feature.
The menus are easy to work your way through. I was programming it as fast as my WK2801-PRO.
There are a lot of features in this transmitter and at a great price.





Walkera Devo 10 TX


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