Walkera CB100 with 54* GITech TechHead

Walkera CB100 Helicopter


RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


Transmitter Setup Guide

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I added a bonus to every setup guide with a Dual Rate and EXPO settings guide I made for Helicopters and Quads.



I got my TechHead for the CB100 yesterday. Jay built it for me. I just took out my old head assembly and dropped in the TechHead and flew it.
It only needed two turns out on the TechHead links and adjust the swashplate links shorter to hover and fly well.
The TechHead was packaged very well and it was double boxed.

Jay did a very professional job putting the head together. There are no scratches, nicks, or marks on it.
There isn’t even plier marks on the links which often happens as you have to hold them to adjust them.

The TechHead is extremely stable just like the CB100 45* flybar with heavy flybar weights.
I have hovered hands off the CB100 W/TH many many times.
The response is super sensitive. I had to add D/R at first to get use to the heli.
Have flown well over a dozen flights indoors so far…

This is a 4#3B head with a Bell/Hiller mod head that is very responsive and very stable.
Your CB100 will fly and handle like this and not like the stock CB100 that is now
super responsive because you put the TechHead on it.
It has a different feel and handles different than the CB100 with the 45* flybar with heavy flybar weights.
It’s now a super responsive and super stable 4#3B.

Will film some outdoor flight soon and see how it handles with fast and aggressive flight.
The indoor video didn’t come out too good as it is still dark inside even with many 100 watt
light bulbs and the curtains open but this gives you a good idea how well it hovers
and handles until I can get some nice bright video outdoors.

Will be putting in my Turbo Ace 61316 (HP06-2 With 16T Pinion Installed) Brushless Motor
and my XP-7A-2 ESC hardwired to the motor for the outdoor flight videos for a super light
and responsive heli. I have the Turbo Ace 91416 Brushless Motor with the XP-7A-2 ESC
in it now.


UPDATE: 4/14/10

Just back in from flying outside. Added some videos and pictures.
The TechHead worked great!
As you can see I can whip around fast with it with no problems.
This is only the second time I flew the TechHead outdoors
so as I get better I can fly even faster and more aggressive.
I only have the servo throw at 65% and it’s flying like this!
100% is way too much for me at this time.

There is no death dive, nose diving with this head. It pulls out of anything
I have tried. Also with the stock CB100 head if I would push it too hard
on certian things it would shake as the flybar was freaking out trying to stabilize the heli
and most of the time it would come crashing down. Or on fast turns the heli would
dive straight to the ground as it couldn’t pull up.
The TechHead didn’t do this. It liked the fast hard turns.
I tried to get the TechHead to not be able to respond or not be able to pull the heli up
in those fast turns but I couldn’t. I could never fly the CB100 head like this. It would
nose dive to the ground so I had to take turns not to fast.

I put in my HP-06 w/16T to make the heli super light and responsive for the
outdoor testing.

Keep in mind I’m no expert flyer but this is my findings for myself.
Jay can fly very hard and aggressive as I have seen in his videos and the TechHead
works great.

More outdoor videos soon. I am going to have someone film me next time. It took too much
concentration on trying to stay in the cameras view and it took away from my flying.


Tail Blade Mod

Jay has told me that he has done a Mod to the tail blade.
The tail blade is cut and has “pre-bends” in it…away from the place the blades usually crack.
It’s a place where the blade can bend/flex durring a crash, where there is more material, and since they are pre-bent there the plastic is much less likely to break/crack.
The blade tips are cut because it makes too much thrust stock and it kicks the tail out sometimes with the 2.9g motor.


Here are my YouTube videos so far. More coming soon…

There was 8 MPH winds when I took the outdoor videos. The fence blocks
out some wind which is good.





Walkera CB100 with 54* GITech TechHead (1)


Walkera CB100 with 54* GITech TechHead (2)


Walkera CB100 with 54* GITech TechHead (3)


Walkera CB100 with 54* GITech TechHead (4)


Walkera CB100 with 54* GITech TechHead (5)


Walkera CB100 with 54* GITech TechHead (6)


Walkera CB100 with 54* GITech TechHead (7)

CB100 W/54* TechHead & Real Helicopter Flyover





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