Walkera 4G6 Helicopter – Stock and Modified Review


Walkera 4G6 Helicopter



RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


Transmitter Setup Guide

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Walkera 4G6




The Walkera 4G6 is a collective pitch helicopter with a flybar. The main blades are made of foam with a carbon fiber insert to reinforce the blades. The tail blade is driven by a shaft that runs through the boom.
The main motor is a brushless Walkera 005 motor which also drives the tail rotor. The 005 motor is not good. This is a well known problem.
The motor usually only lasts 10-20 flights then is looses power and you need to replace it. Mine lasted 10-15 flights or so. If you are going to get this helicopter with the 005 motor plan on changing it to another motor. You can use the Black TA 31714 16,800KV inrunner motor which I used and it worked well. It generates an additional 400 RPM from stock motor.
If you want to use an outrunner motor there are many choices to choose from. The one I like best is the Turbo Ace 915 V2 9g w/14T pinion. It has tremoundus power and is well built. I run it with the XP-12A-2 High Speed ESC. This is a great combination.
Other are using the HP08S outrunner motor with good results. I will list information on the motors below.

The landing gear is extremely durable. I am still using my original landing gear after all
the hard landings and crashes I had.
The tail gears can strip easy on a crash or if the tail blades hit the ground or grass. I recommend using a tail clutch. I have a link to one below which I am using with good results.
The body has held up well for me. I haven’t broke a tail boom or stripped any servos.
I have bent the flybar many times, stripped the main gear a number of times, and broke some main blades.


I added the following upgrades.

  • Walkera RX2610V V2 (3-Axis Gyro). This made the helicopter very stable. It can be used with or without a flybar. I used it with a flybar.
  • Turbo Ace 915 V2 9g – This is a very powerful motor.
  • XP-12A-2 (V2) High Speed ESC – Increases head speed by 5%-8% and it is programmable.
  • Stay-True Dkfuji CNC Metal Rotor Head Block – It is very strong, well balanced, and works great with the high speed aftermartket motors. I highly recommend it.
  • MicroHeli CNC Swashplate
  • MicroHeli CNC Tail Pitch Slider
  • MicroHeli CNC Tail Gear Case
  • Tail clutch by microlinehobbies – http://www.rcproreviews.com/adjustable-clutch-for-walkera-v120d02d02s464g6heli-max-novus-125-cpfp/



Specs: – Stock Walkera 4G6

Weight: w/battery 88G
Receiver: RX-2609
Battery: 3.7V 600 mAh
Brushless Motor: WK-WS-12-005

Flight Time: 7-8 minutes





Walkera 005

Head Speed: 4,450 RPM w/14T

Head Speed: 3,940 RPM w/12T


Walkera 003

Head Speed:  4,230 RPM w/16T


Turbo Ace 915 V2 9g

Head Speed: 4,350 RPM w/14T

For my full review of this motor including flight times and thrust see this link: http://www.rcproreviews.com/turbo-ace-915-v2-9g-helicopter-motor-review/



Head Speed: 4590 RPM w/18T

For my full review of this motor including flight times see this link: http://www.rcproreviews.com/hp07-2-helicopter-motor-review/



Head Speed: 4,300 RPM w/18T

Head Speed: 4,650 RPM w/20T


Actual Kv Ratings:

HP08 – 11,600kv
003 – 14,250kv
005 – 17,650kv


4G6 Motors Spreadsheet in a Microsoft Excel Document.

Click Here to download the file.



Feathering Spindle O-rings

These are the two o-rings that are in the Rotor Head Block that the
Spindle goes though. There is one o-ring per side of the Rotor Head Block.

I have found a great replacement for the factory o-rings. These hold up much better and longer than the stock o-rings.

Dimension: 1/16 ID x 3/16 OD x 1/16

These are also listed as size: 003

Durometer = Hardness of rubber compounds

Durometer 70 – is the standard. Good replacement for the stock o-ring.

Durometer 90 – is very stiff. Good for aggressive flying and all out 3D. Not recommend for beginners.









Walkera 4G6 (1)

Walkera 4G6 (2)


Walkera 4G6V Inverted


Walkera 4G6V Throttle Pumps w/TA 915 Motor





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