Syma X1 Quadcopter Review


Syma X1 Quadcopter



RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar



Syma X1 4 Ch Remote Control Quad Copter with 3 Axis Gyros – Spacecraft Canopy Version




Quad with 3 Axis Gyros. The quad is available in 3 different styles. Spacecraft, UFO flying saucer, and bumble bee.

The transmitter is a 4 channel 2.4GHZ and uses 4 AA batteries. It doesn’t have a backlit LCD.

The quad can flip by holding down the “C” button on the Tx and then pushing the rudder stick the direction you want the quad to flip.

The quad will flip in High Rate (H) and Low Rate (L). Low Rate (L) is default.

The quad is quiet. I was expecting it to be much louder.


First Flight:

The first flight went well. I lifted off and hovered it around for a bit to see how it handles and how stable it is. It was very stable, smooth flying, easy to control, and the response was good with the rate switch set to High (H).
The power and climb out is good. I flipped it in all directions during my first flight. It flips very well.
Flight time is very good. I got 8 full minutes of flight time before Low Voltage Control kicked in about a half minute later. A red LED will flash on the quad to warn you to land as the battery is getting too low (3.32V).




  • 3-Axis gyros
  • Very stable and smooth flying
  • Responsive with the rate switch set to High (H)
  • Very crash resistant
  • Price – $ 37 to $50 shipped depending on where you buy it. eBay and Amazon are the cheapest I have seen.
  • Long flight time (8+ minutes)



  • The transmitter is small. If you have big hands like I do the Tx will feel too small.
  • Tx range is short. I read it has a range of about 100 feet. I will do a range test when I can.





Binding Instructions

Insert battery into the quad. Set it right side up on a level surface, LED will flash rapidly, during this time turn on the transmitter and wait until the LED becomes solid.
Binding is complete.

You only need to bind one time. After you bind follow this procedure.

Make sure the throttle is all the way down.

Turn the transmitter on first.

Insert the battery into the quad. The LED on the quad will flash rapidly then it will turn solid.
You are ready to fly.


How to switch the Tx between Mode “1” and “2”

Default is Mode 1.

To switch between Mode 1 and Mode 2 push the right trim button below the right stick (‘A’) to the right and turn on the Tx.

Keep repeating this to toggle between Mode 1 and Mode 2.


fail-safe = throttle kill

Tx range is about 100 feet.

Mode 1 = Throttle and rudder on the left stick.



Flight Time: – Stock Battery

mAh put back into the battery: 367 mAh

Charge time at 0.3 amps: 074:10 minutes.


  • 2 Minutes: 3.97V
  • 3 Minutes: 3.88V
  • 4 Minutes: 3.81V
  • 5 Minutes: 3.76V
  • 6 Minutes: 3.72V
  • 7 Minutes: 3.69V
  • 8 Minutes: 3.65V
  • 8:30 Minutes: 3.32V – Low voltage cutoff. Red LED on quad flashing. Had to land.



148.5 Grams



Quad: 57.5g

Battery: 10.7g

Quad w/battery: 68.2g




Length:360 mm

Width:360 mm

Height: 61mm

Main Rotor:135mm

Tail rotor:135mm


Battery: 3.7V 350mAh Li-Po w/JST connector


What is in the box:


2.4GHZ Transmitter

3.7V 350 mAh Li-po battery

USB Charger

4 spare blades

Instruction book



Special thanks to my cousin Ken Zadar who let me borrow his new in the box Syma X1 to review.







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