Spektrum DX7 Transmitter Review


Spektrum DX7 Transmitter



RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


The Spektrum DX7 is a great transmitter with a lot of programming features. It is easy to program. The sticks feel nice and smooth.
It uses DSM2 technology. It is a full range 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Radio that has 7 channels and 20 model memory.
It has Airplane and Heli programming, 5-point throttle and pitch curves (heli), 1500mAh rechargeable transmitter battery, Programmable servo mixes, Programmable switch assignments, 2 Auxiliary switches, Gyro programming (heli), CCPM (Heli) 3 types, Flight timer – count up/count down, graphical curves for pitch, throttle, DR and Expo.

The LCD is not backlit like some other transmitters are.






Here is a video of some of the menus.


Spektrum DX7 Factory Settings for Blade mCPX





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