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Blade Mcpx Helicopter


Helicopters and Quads

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I have been in this hobby for over 10 years.
I have done almost everything that can be done on Helicopters and Quads.
Replacement of frames, tail boom, motor fixing pipe, torque tube, tail belts, tail drive shaft, main motor, tail motor, motor pinions, receiver, esc, flight controller, swashplate, main shaft, main gear, tail gears, bearings, blades, landing gear, servos, blade holders, feathering shaft, rotor head, battery tray, wire replacements.
Upgrades and Modifications including frames, servos, receiver, esc, motors, pinions, flight controller, tail booms, bearings, gears, custom wiring, upgrade brushed motors to brushless motors.

After the Repair/Modification/Upgrade I will test fly your Helicopter or Quad for you while you are here. I can answer any questions you have and fine tune your transmitter settings for you.



Fight Lessons

1-on-1 flight lessons at my place. I also have an RC Flight Simulator we can start out on before you try out your Helicopter or Quad.
I will also go over the setup of your Helicopter or Quad and program custom settings for your Transmitter.


RC Flight Simulator

RC Flight Simulator

RC Flight Simulator

RC Flight Simulator





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