Oil The Motor Shaft on Helicopters and Quadcopters


Oil The Motor Shaft

Zvok told me about this.

This is to lubricate motors that do not have bearings in it which use a brass sleeve as a bearing like tail motors on helicopters, helicopter main motors, quadcopter motors.
This greatly extends the life of the motor. The motor will run smoother, cooler, and more efficient with it being lubricated.

Spray WD-40 on the motor shaft and work it up and down and rotate the motor shaft clockwise and counter-clockwise. This will work the spay into the brass sleeve to lubricate it.
Tail motors lasted for 200-300 flights. Without the WD-40 it was 20-30 flights.


My Comment (Tom Z)

I use Scorpion Motor Bearing Lubricant.
I have also used Trinity Royal Oil in the past.
You can use any hobby grade oil made for motor bearings.
I have found that all the motors I have oiled run much smoother and more efficient after oiling them. Also it greatly extends the life of the motor.
I oiled the motors on my quads for my Ladybird and Infra X which are motors used for tail motors on helicopters. I also oiled the tail motor on my Mini CP and mCPX.





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