Adjustable Clutch for Walkera V120D02, D02S, 4#6, 4G6, Heli-Max Novus 125 CP/FP Helicopter Review


Adjustable Clutch for Walkera Helicopters



RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


Ben sent me his clutch to review at my request.


First Impression:

The clutch looks professionally made. The parts are machined smooth.
The instructions that came with it look good and easy to understand.



The clutch was pretty easy to install except the tiny key pin was tricky to work with.
I first tried tweezes but the pin would pop out of them trying to install it sending the pin flying in the air.
I then used long flat needle nose pliers and it worked well.
The pin will go in the shaft hole snug but not tight or loose.

The kit came with the wrong size allyn key for the tail rotor hub. It was way too big.
I sent Ben a PM but ended up finding that the allyn key that came with my genius cp fit his set screw.

For assembly I used a tiny bit of blue thread lock on the set screw and the tail rotor hub blade grip mounting screws.
I used the white O-Ring as I need it for 3D. I set the tension tight but not too tight so it can slip in a crash.
I used the optional gear shim that goes behind the tail shaft bearing. The gears mesh well even without the shim.

I tested for extreme full positive and full negative pitch pumps as fast as I could slamming the throttle up and down and the tail hel perfect!
I did this for most of the battery pack then landed. I then held the heli in my hand and throttled up about 3/4 then pulled the throttle down fast and grabbed the tail blades wearing my welding gloves and the clutch slipped. I did this many times including grabbing the tail blades even at full throttle a few times.
I then took it back up and did more extreme pitch pumps and the tail still held.



The clutch works well even with the powerful TA 915 motor.
The tail ran very smooth with the kit.

The clutch is going to be some trial and error to set the correct tension for the clutch
so it doesn’t slip in the air but it does slip in a crash. Beginners should use the
black o-ring with the proper tension so the clutch slips in a crash but not in the air.

The only thing I would like to see is for the kit to come with a spare key pin due to it is very easy to lose.
What I did as you can see in the pictures was to use a white towel under the heli.
I was able to find the key pin easy when I dropped it this way.

I will try to get a video of the pitch pumping and maybe some flipping and inverting.



Motor and ESC:


The motor I used to test the clutch is the Turbo Ace 915 motor with a 10T pinion on it. The ESC I used is the XP-12A-2 (V2) High Speed ESC.
I am using 70% L/H Pitch Travel Adjustment.


Head Speed: – Stock Fullriver 600mAH 20C Battery – Turbo Ace 915 Motor w/10T – XP-15A-2 ESC

  • 5,160 RPM at mid stick 100% throttle with the stock battery.


Thrust: – Turbo Ace 915 Motor w/9T – Stock Fullriver 600mAH 20C Battery – XP-15A-2 ESC

  • 207 grams full negative pitch in stunt mode at 100% throttle


Thanks Ben for sending me the clutch to test out.





Walkera Tail Clutch for V120D02,4#6,4G6,Novus 125 CP/FP (1)



Here is the first video I did but wanted to remake it due to the ripped up seat on the bar stool.


Walkera Tail Clutch for V120D02,4#6,4G6,Novus 125 CP/FP (2)





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