KBDD Blades for Blade mCPX Helicopter Review


Blade mCPX Helicopter


RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


I just got my KBDD Blades. They are a little shorter and wider than the stock blades.
Blade tracking was good. Blade balance is off new out of the package.
I get shaking at high speed. I will balance the blades and try them again.
In flight they are more responsive than the stock blades. Cyclic response was quicker I noticed. Power was good also.
They flew well in flight and flipping and inverted flight.

Being white blades they are easier to see in flight and in the distance. But up high they blend in with the clouds.

Update: 7-15-11

I am no longer using the KBDD Blades. Went back to the stock blades.

Update: 7-20-11

By Xrayted:

If you notice that the KBDD blades have much less lift than the factory blades increase the pitch travel.



Head Speed:

4,500 RPM with the Turnigy Nano-tech 300mAh 35C.


93.6 Grams full negative pitch with the Turnigy Nano-tech 300mAh 35C battery.
My picture below was taken after running a brief time as my first picture came out blurry.

This video is with the KBDD Blades in 15 MPH winds.


KBDD Blades Flight Test




I have found out that I am not the only one with the blade balance is off new out of the package. So check your blade balance if you buy a pair.









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