HP07-2 Helicopter Motor Review


HP07-2 Motor


RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


My 4G6 with the Walkera RX2610S 3-Axis Gyro.

I got the HP07-2 motor w/18T pinion. It would not start. I tried 3 different ESC’S and 14 batteries. So I exchanged it for another one and it starts and runs great.

So far it looks like I was the only one to get a motor that would not start. Time will tell as
people get there motors and post results. As you may know when the first batch of the HP08-2 came out I got one and it didn’t start. Someone has put an outrunner curse on me! LOL
But the other HP06-2 and HP08-2 motors I bought work great.

The newest version CB100 ESC is the best to run the HP07-2 motor as it has the best timing for the motor.
The 4G6 esc is said to work fine also with the HP07-2.
I have yet to test my XP-12A esc with the HP07-2.

As soon as I started the HP07-2 motor I could hear it had way more RPM than my wow HP08-2 motor with the XP-12A ESC.
This HP07-2 motor has a lot of power! I tached it at 4590 RPM. Highest I got was 4770 RPM.
In flight the throttle response is instant both in Normal and Idle up mode.
The flight times of the HP07-2 were way less compared to my HP08-2 motor. With my HP08-2 I get 6-6:20 minutes flight time.
With the HP07-2 I get 3- 4 minutes max. But this is to be expected with the much higher head speed.

I have tried 400 mah 20C linear, 600 mah 20C, and 650 mah 20C batteries.


HP07-2 is the motor with the red heatshrink.

HP08-2 is the motor with the green heatshrink.

XP-12A ESC is Red.

WK-10A-L2 ESC is green.






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