How To Tighten Loose Fitting Push-On Props for Micro Quadcopters









Gluing micro props on motor shafts 101 by jesolins:

To keep the props on tight first roughen up the motor shafts using a finger nail emery board while the motor spins, then use a pin to put a bit of Elmer’s glue in the prop hole then mount it on the motor shaft and allow it to dry overnight. I found this holds much better than using CA and is safer for the plastic prop and motor bushing/bearing because the Elmer’s glue will not drip down the motor shaft as the CA glue can do.
Or for a much quicker fix use clear contact cement such as E6000, Goop Clear, or 3M Plastic auto trim adhesive. Apply a tiny bit of the glue in the prop hole with a pin or toothpick. Let it dry for at least 5 minutes and then go fly I’ve never had a prop fly off using any of these methods.






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