Heli-Max EZ Blade Grips On Blade CX2 Helicopter Mod Review


Blade CX2 Helicopter


RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


I haven’t seen this mod on this site so I thought I would post it.
Works great for me. Nice to have the blades fold instead of
them breaking plus less damage to the other parts if any.
Before if I hit a tree branch I would break blades and
teeth on the inner/outer shafts. Not anymore.

I have all aluminum parts, xtreme 180 motors w/silver brushes,
longer inner/outer shafts, shorter/lighter flybar, dual flybar links, carbon fiber tail boom,
unbreakable landing gear, chinese a/b blades(stiff), dn power 850 Mah 15 C
batteries, Heli-Max EZ plastic blade grips, servos on third holes, LED lights.

The total weight of my helicopter with battery is 7.9 OZ. Pretty good
weight will all the aluminum parts on it! Factory stock weight was 8.0 OZ.


Parts Cost:

Blade Grips – Upper & Lower. $4.99 Each
Heli-Max HMXE8314

Flybar Links – $3.99
Heli-Max HMXE7807

Hardware Set – $3.99
Heli-Max HMXE7341

Drill Bit, 2.7mm – $.70

Washers – Under $1


Quick version:

1. Get the Heli-Max EZ blade grips
2. Drill the blade grip post holes out to 2.7mm
3. Add washers
4. Switch the lower flybar link with the Heli-Max one
5. Adjust swashplate level again


Full version:

The Heli-Max EZ plastic blade grips will fit on the Blade CX2.
You will need to drill out the blade grip post holes which are too
small for the Blade CX2. The size to use is a 2.7mm drill bit.
A 3/32” bit is too small and a 7/64” bit is too big so you need a
metric drill bit.
Then you will need some washers, metal/brass/nylon (#4) to fill
the side play between the head post and blade grips.
You can sand the nylon washer’s thinner if you use them and there too tight.
Leave some play, make sure the grips move freely and don’t bind.

The next thing to do is to remove your lower flybar link and use
a Heli-Max EZ flybar link instead. Top or bottom, there both the same size.
Also can use the Blade CX/CX2 servo link, take off the link from it.
May need to trim the length down about 1/16” – 2/16”.


1. The swashplate will sit lower with the Heli-Max EZ plastic blade grips,
about 1/16″ lower. Adjust your swashplate level again.

2. The Xtreme Blades will not work with the Heli-Max EZ plastic blade grips
without modifications due to the tip shape of the Heli-Max EZ plastic blade grips
and the u-shape in the blades don’t match with each other.
I ground the tips u-shaped to allow them to fit
and swivel but the holes still didn’t line up.
The blades will need to be modified also too work.
Other than the Xtreme Blades, all other blades work that I know of and have tried.


Blade CX2 Helicopter


Blade CX2 Helicopter






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