Estes Proto-X SLT Nano Quadcopter Review




RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar



Estes Proto-X SLT

This is the American version re-brand of the Hubsan Q4 H111 quadcopter but it has the bigger controller, a different canopy for quick battery removal and the SLT protocol.



First Impressions:

The quad is very small and light. It is super stable and ultra responsive! The yaw rate on it is fast. It took me some time to get use to flying it even with the beginner settings. I had to go easy on the controls. Turning down the default 50% dual rate to 30% helped tame it down a lot until I got use to it.

You don’t want to go too low on dual rates unless you are just hovering and moving it around. Going too low as I found out can give you too little control like whipping around it a tight circle and crashing into a wall or yourself due to not having enough control authority to make the turn small enough.

The quad is fast! You can really zip around with it. The small size, fast response and being so stable makes this a great quad for indoors or outdoors in light wind.

It can handle a crash pretty well. I have crashed into furniture, hardwood floor, closet door and cement sidewalk with no damage except sometimes bending a propeller which you can easily straighten back out.
It’s good to have some spare propellers should you break any in a crash or if they bend too much to straighten back out or a piece of the tip breaks off.

I have flown outdoors in wind (slight to moderate breeze) and was able to keep a smooth flight. Use Expert mode or as much dual rate as you can handle to help cut through the wind.




  • Auto-Correcting (Auto-Upright)
  • 6 Axis Gyro
  • Execute flips (Left, Right, Forward & Backward) and other mild-to-wild maneuvers
  • 6 bright LED’s. They are bright, especially at night. Makes it fun for night flying.
  • The LED’s on the quad can be turned on and off by the controller.
  • 2.4GHz SLT controller w/dual rates which you can program. Good size controller, not a tiny one like most others have. It has standard and expert modes that you can select by pressing down the right joystick. The LED will be green for Standard Mode and it will turn red and flash for Expert Mode. The LCD will also display “Expert”. In Expert Mode you can disable the flip function by pressing down on the left joystick. One beep = Flip Off, Two beeps = Flip On. The controller also has trim controls for Throttle Trim, Rudder, Elevator and Aileron.
  • Low Voltage Cutoff – The quad will flash the LED lights. Land as soon as this happens. You will have about 30-45 seconds to land before it reduces the power quickly.
  • Charges the battery in 23 minutes. I timed this landing the quad as soon as the Low Voltage Cutoff came on and after letting the battery cool down for a while. The USB charge cord has a red LED which will be on when it is charging and turn off when charging is complete.
  • 4-5 minutes flight time.


Flight Time: – Estes 4618 3.7V 100mAh Lipo – Fully charged voltage: 4.17V

  • 2 Minutes: 3.86V
  • 3 Minutes: 3.77V
  • 4 Minutes: 3.70V
  • 4:25 Minutes: 3.70V – Low Voltage Warning – LED’s on Quad flashed
  • 4:55 Minutes: 3.62V – Quad quickly lowed power to land


Flight Time: – Lectron Pro 3.7V 100 mAh LiPo battery – Fully charged voltage: 4.20V

  • 2 Minutes: 3.77V
  • 2:25 Minutes: 3.75V – Low Voltage Warning – LED’s on Quad flashed
  • 3:10 Minutes: 3.62V – Quad quickly lowed power to land



  • Ultra stable, smooth flying and super responsive
  • Fast yaw rate
  • Good flight time for a small battery
  • Small enough to fly in any size room
  • Bright LED lights



  • The blades can fly off in flight! This is a common problem posted in reviews and forums. This happened to me and the quad came tumbling down to the floor. I have found that this is because of a loose fitting blade. 3 out of 4 of my blades were press fit on the motor shafts super tight and one blade was just snug. So I added a small amount of thin CA on a small pin into the blade hole side walls and let it dry for an hour. The blade is now very tight on the motor shaft. The disadvantage of having the blade on very tight is that it probably won’t pop off in a crash like it was designed to keep the blade from breaking. But I would rather have the blade break in a crash then have it fly off in flight.

For some YouTube videos on how to fix a loose fitting propeller with Nail Glue, CA, Dental Floss, Elmer’s Glue, Contact Cement and UV Adhesive, click the link below:


Thrust: – Estes 4618 3.7V 100mAh Lipo – Fully charged voltage: 4.17V

18.6 Grams


Thrust: – Lectron Pro 3.7V 100 mAh LiPo battery – Fully charged voltage: 4.20V

17.0 Grams


Update: January 27, 2017

After my fifth flight the quad started spinning very fast in a circle (like you gave it full yaw) and it came crashing down to the ground. I tried to lift off again but it started spinning as soon as I gave it throttle. I had to turn off the quad and turn it back on again, it then flew fine again.
This problem kept on randomly happening. Also a couple of times when I was in a hover the quad took off forward full speed and flew into the wall. I pulled back on the stick but there was no response.
I have seen the same problems happen to some other people on the forums.

I called Hobbico and they replaced the quadcopter under their 90 day warranty for free. But they sent me the Proto-X, not the Proto-X SLT. They told me that they discontinued the Proto-X SLT due to problems with it.



Proto-X SLT Nano Quadcopter

2.4GHz Controller – Model: 4611

USB Charge Cord

Spare Rotor Blades (2 Black, 2 Gray)

Printed Owners Manual/Instructions



  • AUW  = 11.2 Grams w/battery
  • Canopy: 0.36G
  • Motor Holder/Pod: .14G
  • Motor: 1.27G
  • Frame: 2.5G
  • Propeller: 0.8G
  • Battery: 2.86G



Quad Size: 1.97″ (50mm) * Distance between diagonal motors
Length: 1.9″ (48mm)
Height: 0.9″ (23mm)
Width: 1.9″ (48mm)
Battery: 3.7V 100mAh LiPo
Flight Time: About 4-5 minutes
2.4GHz Controller Batteries: 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries (not included)



The Proto-X SLT Nano Quadcopter can be used with other SLT controllers.
If your controller has programmable settings or if it uses
an ANYLINK/ANYLINK2 adapter.

Use these settings as a guide to get started:


Calibrate The Sensors:

1. Turn on the controller and the quadcopter.
Place the quadcopter on a flat surface.
2. Hold the left stick to the lower right. At the same time, quickly move the right stick left and right several times until the blue LED’s flash.
Test the model to see if it will hover without drifting.
If the model is still drifting, try putting a thin piece of cardboard under the motor or motors in the same direction that the quadcopter is drifting.
Perform the sensor calibration procedure again.


Linking the Quadcopter and Controller:

The Proto-X SLT uses Wavelink technology to link it to the controller. If all four blue LEDs are flashing and the quadcopter will not respond to any commands, use the following procedure.
1. Turn off the controller but leave the Proto-X SLT on.
2. Turn on the controller.
3. Immediately pick up the quadcopter and wave it side to side for two seconds. Move the quadcopter at a moderate speed at least 12 inches in each direction.
4. Place the quadcopter on a level surface. The blue LED’s will flash on one side then the other while the quadcopter is linking to the controller. The LEDs will become steady when the quadcopter is linked to the controller.



* My camera broke so I had to use my smartphone for pictures and video.





* Due to the quality and focusing problems I kept the video short. I also had to stand behind the camera and watch it to film and fly so I couldn’t do much but some basic flying.


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