Dkfuji True CNC Metal Rotor Head Block Review


Walkera 4G6 Helicopter


RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


I purchased Dkfuji’s CNC Metal Rotor Head Block for my 4G6 this week.
The first thing I thought was this is a well made head and it is very heavy duty and light. See the pictures below for the weight.
The machining is nice and smooth. This head is much much better than the cheap and very weak stock 4G6 head. It bent on me the first time I hit the blades on the wall lightly, the blades didn’t even get damaged. I could literally bend the head with my fingers, that is how week the head is. Then I went to the 4G3 plastic rotor head and had no more bending the head problems.
But the plastic head can break and not run true at high speeds.

Installing was simple. I just took off the old head and switched it with the new CNC head, and then test flew it.
Didn’t need to adjust anything including the swash links or blade tracking. A very easy and hassle free upgrade.
The head runs very smooth even at full RPM. I am running 4667 RPM on my heli and the head spins smooth as advertised.




Dkfuji 4G3/4G6 Rotor Head Block (1)


Dkfuji 4G3/4G6 Rotor Head Block (2)


Dkfuji 4G3/4G6 Rotor Head Block (3)


Dkfuji 4G3/4G6 CNC Rotor Head Block (4)





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