• Mark Hogg

    Awesome site Tom! I know who to turn too for RC advice!

  • Zvok

    Hi Tom,

    I am glad you started your own website. You have been a fantastic contact for any technical issue through your posts on and I have also enjoyed our discussions via personal e-mail.

    All the best.


    Great site for all beginner.

  • Marco

    Good review and videos! Thank you, I need this information!
    In your opinion is better the HotenX “brushless” version for FPV with Devo F7?
    Or there are no advantages in term of less vibrations or more stability.
    You said “….brush version flew as good as my brushless version did”, as good as means that there are no differences or you have noticed something different.

  • Thanks.
    The brushless version is better if you can afford the extra money for it. The brushless motors will last a long time compared to brush motors which will only last so long due to the brushes wearing out. The Hoten X uses the same motors as the Mini CP and from what I have read on the forums they don’t last long (20-30 flights). But those motors are running 100% throttle on the helicopter where on the Hoten X they are running much slower and they are geared down so they should last a lot longer.
    RE: “brush version flew as good as my brushless version did”
    Both versions flew the same as far as they were both as stable, both handled the same, vibrations were the same on both, both have quick response and handle the same.
    The brush version only has half the flight time as the brushless version. This is one negative as if you are up high taking video you want as much flight time as you can get. Also you need time to get up high and come back down. I did OK with the 5 minute flight time in all my videos though.
    6 minute flight time (7.3V) is taking the battery down low and I wouldn’t try it unless you are just hovering.

  • kyle

    Thanks for your comments and guidance – great stuff here on your website!!!

    I have been trying to get in touch with Microline Hobbies – but with no luck. Do you happen to have contact information at all?

    Kind regards,

  • Your welcome, thanks.
    Here is Ben’s email address:
    This is how I contact Ben.
    He also sells his clutch on eBay. His user name is: benmlee

  • anthony perez

    It’s great to have you share your knowledge. there was nothing in the manual to help in this part. thank you

  • Hellboy


    just made my account and i wanted to say thanks.. for the walkera setup help..
    greetings from germany

  • kippenrk

    AND the WINNER IS!!?? RCPRO!! With his correct solution of a bad battery!! Thank you very much. I went though the settings again on the TX & found one or two that were not exactly like they should have been. Then I ran the same test and the Heli would cut out at 75%. I had ordered two batteries when I purchased it and put the spare one in. I took it for its maiden off the deck 12″ around the garage today and it worked perfectly.
    Again thank you so much RC and thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I hope one day I have enough to share.

  • michael barnett

    You are DAMNED AMAZING>>>>>>>>> Thanks a bunch……. I’ve been two weeks trying to enter the tx settings to simple fly…… can you help?

  • Hellboy

    Thanks Tom for making this easier for us.and thanks for the link wich you sent to me. for v450d01 setting with devo8s all ok
    i am happy and flying my bird with ur help.:-)
    Thank you very much
    Greetings from Germany

  • I appreciate you good efforts in helping us new and old pilot. Anything that Came make things a little more helpful is much appreciated.

    Mike Buie

  • Miguel A Vega

    Thank you for this awesome website. I’m so happy that I found out about it.

  • Tony Perks

    finally set up my master cp and devo 7 great advise ,just a quick question on the set up, my throttle is now at 100% at 3/4 stick after using these settings, is thät correct ? , just got to try not to crash it now , also have the wltoys v931 AS350 , excellent little 6 chanel 3 blade hele , i can fly that ok just worried about flying the master cp , whats the worst that can happen lol i also own a broken esky 500 flybarless that i want to fix but just cant get the parts for


  • * I answered Tony’s question with an email soon after he posted.
    For big replies and added information I like to use an email instead of a reply. With an email I can also send pictures and videos if needed.

  • Jefry Morgan

    Hi Tom I’m new to this high tech now and just bought walkera v450do3 bnf and devo 7e. I bought upo2 kit. Will I be able to upgrade rx2703 and devo7e with everything needed to fly this correctly? So glad to have found your site. Your knowledge is amazing

  • Hi Jefry,

    Yes you will be able to upgrade your receiver with the UPO2 kit (and software) and upgrade the transmitter with the included USB cable that came with your transmitter. You will also need software to update the transmitter which is different software than the UPO2 kit software.

    There is one big problem though. Walkera no longer has the software or firmware on their web site.
    Their other web site which is the one who were sending me products to review had all of the software and firmware on their web site. But they are no longer online. I don’t know what happened…

    You can check the forums to see if there is any web site who is posting the software and firmware.
    Or send an email to Walkera and ask them about the software and firmware.

  • Cesar Rodriguez

    Hi Tom, i just bought a walkera master cp with Devo 7 but it has only given me problems. Every time i attempt to fly it i end up loosing control over it and crashing it. I first thought that it was a ready to fly helicopoter and i wouldnt need to tune it and it would fly out of the box but i was wrong. I have looked overthe instructions that came with it and in a lot of forums including yours but those settings seem not to work. The devo 7 is a pain to set up i just dont understand how to set it up. Hopefully you can help me out with this, i dont mind if i get charged for instructions on how to set it up, i just want this thing in the air. By the way, great site with a lot of helpful topics.

  • Hi Cesar, I sent you a reply to your email address.