CNC Flybarless Head for the 4G6 Helicopter Review


Walkera 4G6 Helicopter


RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


I purchased the CNC Flybarless Head in the blue and red color.
It was easy to assemble.
The only thing I needed to do was to cut the CB100 Links short
(see pictures below) assemble them so you have one straight end
and one L-shape end, remove the balls on the mix arms then assemble everything.
Then adjust the mixer arm and blade grip links as instructed.

Items included are:

CNC FBL Rotor Head
Blue Dampeners
Main Grip Long Link Screws
Lever Screws and Washers
Head Pins

Items you will need:

CB100 Link Set
Mix Arms from your original head
Main Blade Grips
Long Links for your original head
Thread Lock

Darryl did a great job with this conversion!

Just test flew the FBL Head (9-3-10).
It is pretty stable. I could almost fly a circle inside my
living room.
The responsiveness of the controls are wicked!
I had to turn down the servo travel on the RX2610S to 40%
and put in D/R of 50% in the radio and it is still super responsive.
I flew it outside and it did well. Super responsive and stable.
One thing it didn’t handle the wind as well as the flybar head did.

I would recommend this FBL Head if you are interested in going flybarless.
It works nice and is well made.

There is a downloadable version of a step by step setup guide.
It includes instructions and pictures for each step of the assembly.

Click Here to download the file.








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