Xtreme Blade Grips/Extended Inner Shaft – Blade CX2 Helicopter Review


Blade CX2 Helicopter


RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar


I got my order 10-19-07.
Thought I would post some pictures and specs.
The parts look great! Easy to install. Instructions
with pictures included.



There was one issue. The stock E-flight flybar link
didn’t work with the xtreme blade grips/extended inner shaft.
It was too long as you can see in my first picture.
You will need to cut one of the flybar half’s some
or both them as I did and then the flybar link will work perfect.
You can see in the second picture I trimmed off the link half’s
and also shortened the flybar link screw a bit.
I of course took off to much as you can see so go little by little
until you get it correct.
My blades track great and the flybar and blade grip are level.

The manufacture is aware of this problem and I will post
what they say about it. For now just trim the link.

I redid a new link and got it correct this time (may add picture later).
I took a digital caliper reading from the tip of one link
to the bottom of the other link.
It is 20 mm.
This should get the blade grip and flybar level with
good blade tracking. At the most you may need to adjust the
link ½ to 1 turn either way.


UPDATE 10-23-07

Just found this out.

The manufacture added to the instruction sheets with them about
trimming the linkage to 20 mm.

Flybar Link
O–O = 20 mm total length (one end to the other end, link fully closed & both ends flat)

Some facts I’m listing:

The factory flybar link length out of the package is 0.83 in, 21.2 mm
end to end.
The larger link length is 10.8 mm end to end.
The smaller link length is 10.2 mm end to end.
The screw is 7.0 mm end to end.

I myself trimmed the top link length to 9.9 mm
and the bottom link length to 9.3 mm.
Then adjusted the total link length to 20 mm.
This gives me perfect blade tracking with the flybar and
blade grip level. Also have room to turn in or out the links either way.
I also just double linked the setup. Works great, nice and smooth.
Works just as smooth with one link or two links if you adjust
them correctly.

So trim little by little and try it out so you don’t take off too much
and have to buy a new flybar just for the links.

Also you don’t have to trim the link screw, just the link (s).
If you should need to turn in the links more you can trim the
link screw from 7.0 mm to 5.8 mm.


UPDATE 10-25-07

Just found out that the manufacture has changed the blade grip
black plastic inserts to a thinner one. If your blade grip post swivel
are too tight this will solve the problem. Contact the seller you bought from
to get a free replacement.
Also the manufacture has made new flybar links. So you won’t have
to cut them down a bit to work. But from what I understand, these will
ship out with the new blade grips only along with the new
blade grip black plastic inserts. We will have to buy the link.
If this changes I will post it.


You can trim off .5 mm from each blade grip plastic insert
if they are too tight until you get the trimmed ones.
Shave the larger diameter part of the sleeve, the part that
goes towards the head.

Don’t take off too much.
Just take off enough until your flybar has total free movement.
I took of .3mm each and that was plenty.

The best way is to use some 400 wet/dry sandpaper and place it on a flat surface.
Then take the blade grip plastic insert and sand the thick side only on
the sandpaper going in small circles keeping it level.
This will give you a perfect trim job that looks like it was made that way.

Sand little by little and keep checking until the binding is gone.
You can use sandpaper more course that 400 to cut faster if you like.
320 or 220 grit should be good also for a quicker cut.
Wouldn’t go more course than 220 grit so you don’t take off too much too quick.



Xtreme Parts Weight


Xtreme Upper Blade Grip: 4.3 Grams, 0.15 Ounce
(Weighed with the screws including the two blade screws, four screws total)

Xtreme Lower Blade Grip: 4.2 Grams, 0.14 Ounce
(Weighed with the screws including the two blade screws, four screws total)

Xtreme Extended Upper Head w/shaft: 6.4 Grams, 0.23 Ounce

Xtreme Metal Bearing Housing: 0.9 Grams, 0.03 Ounce

Xtreme Blade: 4.8 Grams, 0.18 Ounce

Xtreme 180 Motor: 31.9 Grams, 1.13 Ounce

Xtreme Boom Kit: 18 Grams, 0.63 Ounce

Xtreme Xtreme Skid Set: 11 Grams, 0.39 Ounce

Xtreme Canopy: 7 Grams, 0.25 Ounce (unpainted, no decals)
(Thanks stersman for this weight)

Xtreme Graphite Fins:

Horizontal Fin: 0.8 Grams, 0.03 Ounce (without screws)

Vertical Fin: 1.1 Grams, 0.04 Ounce (without screws)


Blade CX2 Helicopter

Blade CX2 Helicopter

Blade CX2 Helicopter

Blade CX2 Helicopter

Blade CX2 Helicopter





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