Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Review


RC Pro Review by: Tom Zadar



Transmitter Setup Guide

See my Transmitter Setup Guides for transmitter setup. The setup guides have all of the transmitter settings needed to make a model completely from scratch.
The Tx Setup Guides have different difficulty settings depending on which setup guide you choose. For Helicopters there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D Settings. For Quads there are Standard Settings, Beginner Settings, 3D mode settings.
Each setup guide includes everything needed for setup including Model Type, Swash Type, Servo Reverse, Travel Adjustment, Gyro Gain, Throttle Curves, Throttle Hold, Pitch Curves, Pitch Curve/Throttle Hold, Subtrim, MIX, Switch Assignments, Dual Rate and Expo.
I added a bonus to every setup guide with a Dual Rate and EXPO settings guide I made for Helicopters and Quads.



LED Indications

  • Stability Low Angle Mode – Solid green LED Status
  • Stability High Angle Mode – Solid blue LED Status
  • Agility Mode – Solid red LED Status


LED Indications after Firmware Update

  • Stability (Bailout) – White LED Status
  • 3D Stagility – Purple Status LED
  • 3D Agility – Yellow Status LED

Stability Mode: Designed for beginner flyers
3D Stability: Designed for intermediate flyers
3D Agility: Designed for expert flyers


LED Codes

Blue LED – Rapid Blink Bind Mode

All LEDs:
Slow Blink = 7.1V Low Voltage Warning
Medium Blink  = 7.0V Low Voltage Warning
Rapid Blink = 6.9V Low Voltage Warning
White Blink = 6.2V Low Voltage Cutoff:
Motors shut off


Battery Charger (EFLUC1009) LED Indications

  • Flashing Green LED with power connected but without battery: Standby
  • Flashing Green LED: Battery connected
  • Flashing Red LED at varying speeds: Charging
  • Simultaneously Flashing Red and Green LEDs: Balancing
  • Solid Green LED: Full Charge
  • Rapidly Flashing Red and Green LEDs: Error


Arming the Quadcopter:

Move both sticks into the bottom inside corners, then back to center, or move the rudder stick full left then full right.

Note: Some radios may require some throttle trim or throttle sub trim. This is due to the throttle stick is not at zero throttle when it is completely down. When the proper amount of throttle trim is reached you will hear some quick beeps. Your now ready to arm the quad.

To correct this so you don’t have to use throttle trim or throttle sub trim and I had to do this, calibrate your sticks.


Disarming the Quadcopter:

Method 1. Bring down the throttle trim until the motors turn off

Method 2. Use throttle cutoff. You can program one in MIX if your transmitter doesn’t have a throttle cutoff. I did this on my Spektrum DX7. I listed the settings below from the video from Painless360.


Spektrum DX7 – Program Throttle Cutoff for a switch

[Prog.MIX 6]


Rate: -100% -100%

* SW: Flap2

Offset: -125

* You can also use Flap0, or Flap1, or MIX


Here is the setup to program a Throttle Cut for the Spektrum DX7, DX8 and DX9.


Spektrum DX7


Spektrum DX8


Spektrum DX9





Blade 200 QX Quadcopter



First Impressions:


The quadcopter is extremely stable, responsive and powerful!

It looks nice and the LED’s are bright and great for night flying.

The battery is a tight fit. Be careful when you insert the battery. If you insert it too far back into the quadcopter you can break off the Camera/Update wires or motor wires or both.

More Coming Soon…






  • Safe Technology
  • Stability Low Angle Mode
  • Stability High Angle Mode
  • Agility Mode
  • 3,000 kV Brushless motors
  • Intergrated LED lighting for status and orientation
  • On-board Electronics: 4-in-1 mixer/ESCs/Gyro
  • Camera Functionality: Camera mount and connector built in for the optional E-flite EFC-721 HD camera
  • Powerful Brushless Motors
  • Inverted and 3D flight is possible with a firmware update and Sport propellers (BLH7714) or 3D propellers (BLH7715)
  • BLH7840 Programmer is needed to update the firmware




Flight Time: – E-flite (EFLB8002SJ30) 7.4V, 800 mAh, 2S battery, 30C

Battery fully charged voltage: 8.4 Volts

  • 1 Minutes: 8.2V
  • 2 Minutes: 7.9V
  • 3 Minutes: 7.8V
  • 4 Minutes: 7.7V
  • 5 Minutes: 7.6V
  • 6 Minutes: 7.52V
  • 7 Minutes: 7.44V
  • 7:30 Minutes: 7.4V – Slow Blink 7.1V Low Voltage Warning


Flight Time: – Lectron Pro (#2S950-30-L) – 7.4V, 950 mAh, 2S battery, 30C – 7.0Wh

Battery fully charged voltage: 8.4 Volts

  • 1 Minutes: 8.2V
  • 2 Minutes: 8.0V
  • 3 Minutes: 7.8V
  • 4 Minutes: 7.7V
  • 5 Minutes: 7.6V
  • 6 Minutes: 7.53V
  • 7 Minutes: 7.5V
  • 8 Minutes: 7.4V
  • 9 Minutes: 7.35V
  • 9:40 Minutes: 7.3V – Slow Blink 7.1V Low Voltage Warning



  • Very powerful motors
  • Extremely fast – Max speed 35 mph (56 km/h)
  • Works with Spektrum DSMX transmitters
  • Can fly in the day or at night
  • Able to handle high wind
  • Easy to replace damaged components
  • Affordable
  • A lot of aftermarket parts including frame, canopy, motors, batteries, propellers, lights, and much more



  • Body is brittle, breaks easy
  • Control distance is limited. about 300 yards in horizontal distance, and 200 feet in the air vertically



Thrust: – eFlight Battery (EFLB8002SJ) – 7.4V, 800 mAh (5.9Wh) , 2S battery, 20C (16 Amp)

130 Grams



Red Blade #1 goes on the #1 motor

Red Blade #2 goes on the #2 motor

Grey Blade #1 goes on the #3 motor

Grey Blade #2 goes on the #4 motor

The Silver Prop Nuts Tighten Clockwise

The Gold Prop Nuts Tighten Counter Clockwise


—- Front of Quadcopter —-


Red LED          Red LED

Motor #1         Motor #2


Green LED       Green LED

Motor #4         Motor #3


— Back of Quadcopter —





Battery – eFlight Battery (EFLB8002SJ) with JST Plug – 7.4V, 800 mAh (5.9Wh) , 2S battery, 20C (16 Amp), 1C Max Charge Rate

Battery Charger w/charging adapter cable

Landing gear

User manual

Programming guide

Two hex keys, plastic combination wrench for the motor mount plastic nuts and propeller nuts.

Four spare propellers, two red and two grey




  • AUW  = 190g
  • Propeller: 1.5 Grams
  • Battery: 48.5 Grams
  • Body: 55.4 Grams
  • Brushless Motors: 15.8 Grams each



Dimensions: (L x W x H) 5.59 x 5.59 x 3.54″ (142 x 142 x 90 mm)

Main Rotor Diameter: 4.45″ (113 mm)

Rotor Size: 113mm

Stock Battery: eFlight Battery (EFLB8002SJ) with JST Plug – 7.4V, 800 mAh (5.9Wh) , 2S battery, 20C (16 Amp), 1C Max Charge Rate

Optional Battery: eFlight Battery (EFLB8002SJ30) with JST Plug – 7.4V, 800 mAh (6Wh) , 2S battery, 30C (24 Amp), 3C Max Charge Rate

Motor Type: 20 mm Brushless 3000 KV Motor. 12 stator arm motors with 14 magnets.

Experience Level: Intermediate

Age: 14+

Flight Time:

Stock Blades = 7-11 Minutes

Sport Propellers = About 6 Minutes

3D Propellers = About 3:30 Minutes



Removing the Propellers:

Turn the silver prop nuts clockwise to tighten.

Turn the gold prop nuts counterclockwise to tighten.



Needed To Complete
  • 5+ channel DSM2 – or DSMX – compatible transmitter




* In my pictures below the blade color locations are not how they came from the factory, they are reversed. I bought it this way on eBay used. After I took these pictures I changed them back to the factory locations which are the Red Blades go on the arms with the Red LED’s which is the front of the quadcopter and the Grey Blades go on the arms with the Green LED’s which is the back of the quadcopter.


* * Videos will be added when the weather gets better here. It’s winter now, cold and snowing…








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