Aerix TURBO-X Quadcopter Setup


RC Pro TX Setup Guide by: Tom Zadar




1. Place Drone on flat LEVEL surface
2. Turn Drone on, Turn Controller on and pair
3. Move the throttle stick fully up and then fully down, you will hear one beep. The quad is now armed and ready to fly.




1. Turn off Drone and Controller
2. Make sure that all batteries are fully charged
3. Place Drone on flat LEVEL surface
4. Turn Drone on, Turn Controller on and pair
5. Keep Throttle (Left Stick) at lowest point
6. Set speed level to TURBO-X (three beeps)
7. Push the Throttle (Left Stick) to Lower Left, HOLD
8. Push Control (Right Stick) to Lower Left, HOLD
9. Drone will flash for 1-2 seconds indicating success.
10. RECALIBRATION OF ACCELEROMETER is complete. The drone is ready to fly.


* Use a bubble level to get a perfectly level surface. The quadcopter gyros will always use the calibration setting you set for it as it’s reference point for level so make sure the surface is as level as you can get it.

If the quadcopter is flying/pulling to one direction after your have done the calibration, you can recalibate it again and put some paper in the same direction that the quadcopter is flying/pulling. So if the quadcopter is flying to the right, put some paper under your flat level surface on the right side to tilt the quadcopter to the left.
Then redo the calibration and test fly it and see how it worked.
This will be some trial and error on how much paper to use to counter the flying/pulling in one direction.
You can use sheets of paper, index cards, envelopes, business cards, etc.




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