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Align T-Rex 450 V2



Pilot Tom Zadar

I am Tom Z and CX2Pilot on the following websites: Rcgroups.com, Helifreak.com, Rcuniverse.com, Runryder.com, Deviationtx.com, YouTube.com

I build, repair, modify, and fly RC Helicopters and Quadcopters. I do product reviews for RC Helicopters, Quadopters, Transmitters, Receivers, Motors, Batteries, aftermarket parts, and ESC’s.
Some things I test for are flight indoors and outdoors, crash durability, performance, headspeed, thrust, flight time with different batteries and different motors/pinions and ESC’s.

I specialize in making Transmitter Setup Guides for Helicopters and Quadcopters (Multirotor).

I started doing reviews on Rcgroups in 2009. My first review was for the Walkera CB100.
In 2010 I started making transmitter setup guides which was made a sticky.
I would like to thank Darryl Fujihara (dkfuji) for all of his help who spent countless hours helping me out over the phone. He helped me out with micro helicopter setup, transmitter setup, and many other things.




I spelled “RC” with Walkera 4G6 Canopies.


Walkera 4G6 Canopy



My Helicopters and Quadcopters


1. Walkera Dragonfly 4


2. Blade CX2

Xtreme 180 SE Motors
Unbreakable landing gear
Boomtown Hobbies V4 carbon fiber tail boom
Vortex 7″ flybar with bullet weights
Helitek 2.0 extended shaft
Xtreme blade grips
Xtreme rotor blades
Aluminum swashplate, Aluminum upper head, Aluminum lower head
DN 25C 900 mah 7.4V battery
Telebee Head Lock and Standard Gryo



3. Eflight Blade CP


4. Esky Belt CP


5. Walkera 4#3B


6. Walkera CB100

GITech TechHead for the Walkera 4#3B & CB100
XP7A-2 Esc
Turbo Ace 61316 (HP06-2 With 16T Pinion Installed) Brushless Motor
TurboAce 2.9g Brushless Tail Motor


7. Walkera 4G6

Walkera RX2610V V2 (3-Axis Gyro)
Turbo Ace 915 V2 Brushless Motor w/14T pinion
XP-12A Version 2 Programmable ESC
Stay-True Dkfuji CNC Metal Rotor Head Block, MicroHeli CNC Swashplate ,
MicroHeli CNC Tail Pitch Slider , MicroHeli CNC Tail Gear Case.


8. Walkera V100D01

Turbo Ace 51416 HP05-2 w/16T
2.5g Turbo Ace 25700 Brushless Tail Motor: Dual Bearings
WK L2 Main ESC


9. Eflight Blade mCPX

C05 11,500 KV w/9T pinion. 1.5mm main shaft.

TheSteve standard version


2mm solid carbon fiber boom

RKH carbon fiber tail Fin

RKH tail boom supports

Astroid Designs Blade MCPx .5mm Carbon lower frame brace

Turnigy Nano-tech 300mAh 35C batteries


10. Walkera Genius CP Brushless

C05 10,000kv motor w/1mm motor shaft

WK-WST-10A-LT ESC/Converter

9T 1mm shaft size M0.5 pinion

mCPX V3 Tail Rotor


11. Walkera Mini CP Brushless

HP05S 13,600kv motor w/1.5mm motor shaft

8T 1.5mm shaft size M0.5 pinion

10A V3 PnP ESC with the BLheli Software

7mm tail motor


12. Walkera Ladybird QR


13. Walkera Hoten X Brushless


14. Walkera Brushed Hoten X FPV w/Devo F7


15. Walkera QR Infra X


16. Walkera Master CP


17. Walkera V120D02S V2

XP-12A-2 (V2) High Speed ESC

Turbo Ace 915 Motor


18. Walkera QR X400 FPV


19. Align T-Rex 450 SA


20. Align T-Rex 450 SE V2


21. DJI Flamewheel F450

KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board v1.6 firmware

Spektrum 6100 Receiver

HobbyKing F-30A 30AMP ESC’s w/ SimonK Firmware

Walkera Brushless Motors: WK-WS-28-009A 1,000kv


22. Hubsan Q4 H11 Nano Quadcopter



Pictures of my Helicopters, Quadcopters, and Transmitters.

Click thumbnail for full size picture.



DJI Flamewheel F450

DJI Flamewheel F450 w/Walkera UFO MX400 Dome







Here are videos of me learning to fly.

First video is the Blade CX2.

Second video is the T-Rex 450 SA.

Third video is the Blade mCPX.


Blade CX2 Indoor Flight (1)


Align T-Rex 450 SA – Learning to fly


Blade mCPX Inverted (1)





“My text, pictures and videos are Copyright 2009 – 2018 Tom Zadar”